How To Change Globe Fiber WiFi Name and Password

Having trouble changing your Globe Fiber WiFi name and password? In this article, I’ll show you how to change your WiFi name and password by using your cellphone.

By the way, a friend of mine asked help in doing this, so I went to his place and here’s exactly how I did it…

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Here’s the guide on how¬†to change your Globe Fiber WiFi name and password:

1. Open your internet browser and enter from the address bar then Go. Use Chrome for Android or Safari for IOS devices. Take note, you should be connected with your globe fiber wifi before attempting these steps.

2. Once you’re in the admin page, tap “Setup” from the upper right corner of the screen. Refer to screenshot below:


3. Enter the default WEB terminal username and password, usually located underneath your globe fiber modem. Tap the “Login” button to proceed.

Note: If the username and password didn’t work, try this procedure.


4. Tap “Network” from the main menu then “Wlan Settings“, then “Advanced“.


5. Change your WiFi Name under “SSID Name” or change your WiFi password under “Passphrase“. Once done, tap “Apply” button to save changes. You’re done!


Note: Tap “Hidden” box if you want to hide your WiFi signal from other devices. This may prevent your neighbors hacking your WiFi and use it for free.

If you want to have two WiFi signal, tap “SSID Choice” box and select number 2. Tap “Enable” then change the name and password. Once done, check the new WiFi signal from your WiFi list in your cellphone. If you want to add more, just select number 3 and vice versa.


  • What is globe fiber? It is Globe’s latest and fastest internet connection in the philippines.
  • How to apply for globe fiber? Go to this link, choose what speed you want to apply, then¬†complete the application form.

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