How to Change Sky Broadband WiFi Name and Password 2018

If you’re a Sky Broadband subscriber who’re looking for a guide online on how to change your Sky Broadband WiFi name and password, this article might be for you. Sky Broadband is an internet service provider offered by Sky Cable in the Philippines. With the popular demand of Fiber internet in the country, Sky Cable now also have Sky Broadband Fiber.

I had been a Sky Broadband subscriber for two years before switching to PLDT Fibr. Recently, my good friend asked me if I could help changing her Sky Broadband WiFi password because she was having slow internet connection in her apartment. When I checked the router, I found out that there were four WiFi devices connected to her router. Having many WiFi devices connected to her router might be the reason why she’s having slow internet. The good thing I was still able to change her WiFi name and password. Let me show you how I changed her Sky Broadband WiFi name and password in this article.

Here are the steps on how to change your Sky Broadband WiFi name and password: Sky-broadband-password-change

1. Connect to your Sky Broadband WiFi network. In case you cannot to your WiFi, you may also use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to the router.

2. Open up your web browser and type-in from the address bar and press

Note: If you cannot access the GUI page, make sure your device is connected with your WiFi router, or you can try using an Ethernet cable to hook up your computer directly with the router. If you’re still unable to access the GUI page, try this steps on how to check your router’s IP address in your computer:

  • Press the Win + R keys on your keyboard. Then, type “cmd” and press Enter.
  • Type “ipconfig” from the black screen and press enter.
  • Check the default gateway ip address usually starts at 192.160.X.X.
  • Use the ip address to access your router’s GUI.bayantel-wifi

3. Enter the default Sky broadband GUI’s username and password below:

Username: blank Password: admin Or Username: admin Password: sky

4. Select “Wireless” option from main menu. Or select “Wireless settings“, “Setup“, or “Change Wireless Password” depending on your router

Note: If the default username and password doesn’t work, you may try hard resetting your router.  Just follow these steps: 

  • Locate the “Reset” button at back of the router.
  • Press and hold the Reset button for 6-10 seconds.
  • Wait for LED lights to light up.
  • You’ll be disconnected from your network after pressing the reset button. To connect again, use the default router’s wifi name and password, usually located under your router.
  • Try accessing the GUI again using the default Sky broadband username and password.

5. Click on “Primary Network” from left side then change your WiFi name or Password. sky-internet

6. Hit “Apply” button to save your new settings.

7. Reconnect all your WiFi devices using your new WiFi password. And you’re done!

If you have questions, just leave a comment down below or you may call the SUPPORT HOTLINE at (02) 381 0000 for further assistance.

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  1. thanks for this.

  2. I cannot access using blank/admin or admin/sky.
    what to do?

  3. thank you so much the default password and username worked for me.

  4. Marie Grace Javier says

    Hi just want to need your help on how to change my password in wifi, i already try may password, and follow the instruction in browsing but still it dosn’t exist.

    Kindly help me please.

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