How to Hard Reset Globe Pocket WiFi

What is Globe Pocket WiFi Hard Reset?

It’s a process of restoring the pocket wifi’s software to its original state by deleting all of the data stored on the device in an attempt to restore the device’s software to its original factory settings. In other words, performing the hard reset will totally erase all the settings of your Globe Pocket Wifi, including your Wifi name and password.

Note: You should only do this if you can’t connect to your wifi using your old password.


Here are the step-by-step procedure on how to hard reset:

  1. Turn on your globe pocket wifi, wait for all lights to turn green.
  2. Remove the back-cover of the device. (Don’t remove the battery!)
  3. Look for the Reset button (Refer to the picture guide below), then press and hold it for 6 seconds using a paper clip or any pointed device that will fit in.globe-LTE-pocket-wifi
  4. Check your default WiFi username and password usually printed at the back-cover. You’ll be using that to connect to your pocket wifi later.globe-LTE-pocket-wifi
  5. Return the back-cover, then try to connect your device to your pocket wifi using the default wifi username and password. And you’re done!


  • What is best smart or globe pocket wifi? – I think they’re all the same, buy which signal is faster in your area.
  • How much is globe pocket wifi lte?  The Globe Tattoo 4G Pocket WiFi is ₱888 while the LTE Pocket WiFi is now ₱1,995.
  • How to register globe pocket wifi? – You may follow this link to register.
  • Why is my globe pocket wifi so slow? – Possible to many devices connected with your pocket wifi, try changing the wifi password.
  • How to make globe pocket wifi faster? – Make sure nobody is connected with your wifi and avoid watching videos or downloading online.

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  1. Salamat sa info. I forgot my password and did not even bother the physical properties of the device, hence, Ive been focus on its virtual aspect. Problem solve. tnx

  2. Hi! I have problem with my globe pocket wifi. Cellular connection(No signal). how can fix it?

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