How To Apply For PhilHealth Online

Did you know that you can now apply for PhilHealth online?

Have you or your love one’s ever experienced a medical emergency before and you know how expensive the hospital bills are. Most of us has health insurance to reduce the large medical costs and ongoing hospital bills. Yes, there are many private health insurance plans that you can choose from but not everyone can afford because of the high membership fees.

This is where PhilHealth comes in, a healthcare program established by Philippine government for all Filipinos that need medical financial assistance. Let me share with you what PhilHealth is, and how to register for PhilHealth online. read more

New PhilHealth Premium Contributions For 2018

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or PhilHealth released a circular No. 2017-0024 last November announcing an increase in premium contributions for PhilHealth members.

According to the PhilHealth’s circular No. 2017-0024, the adjustment was necessary in order to keep up with the rising costs of the subsidy shouldered by the National Health Insurance Program (NHIP), a program established by Philippine government that aims to alleviate health care costs among Filipinos.

PhilHealth also explained in the circular that the adjustment was necessary to increase the service quality standards and sustain their enhancement programs that have been introduced in recent years. read more

How to Get a PhilHealth ID

Members must have provided their Member Data Record (MDR) or PhilHealth ID Before claiming any PhilHealth benefits. Most of the time, PhilHealth members overlooked the ID even though it’s free.

Is it worth it to have a PhilHealth ID? Yes, it’s a valid government ID.

You can use it for pre-employment requirements or commercial services requirements that require proof of identity like banks, money transfers, telecoms etc…

Make sure to be a PhilHealth Member first before applying for PhilHealth ID. read more