How to Browse Internet on Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV is arguably the best smart TV you can buy today.  The first company released an Internet into home television. The brand’s Smart TV allows you to access special apps, instantly stream programs, and browse the web with either your remote or your mobile device. It can browse the internet while you watch television. Browsing on Samsung Smart TV is easy, it’s like having a big mobile phone in your living room. Of course, you need to have a WiFi internet to browse in your TV.

In this article, let me show you how to browse internet with your Samsung Smart TV. If you have comments and suggestions, just leave a comment down below.

Here’s the guide on how to browse internet on Samsung Smart TV:

1. Connect the Smart TV to the Internet either by using an Ethernet cable or by wireless connection. I advice to use the WiFi connection for your internet. To set up your smart TV WiFi connection, use the remote to go to Menu, then Network, and then Network Settings. Choose your WiFi name to connect the TV to the Internet, and use the remote tools to type in the password.


2. Click on the Smart Hub button from the remote and follow the instructions on the screen, do this only if it is your first time setting up the smart hub. The next time you access the Internet on your Samsung TV, you need to visit the Smart Hub platform.


3. Once you have set up the Smart Hub features, press the back arrow button on the remote to return to the main screen. This is where you can see live broadcast television programs. To browse the Internet on your smart TV, push the Smart Hub button to access the Internet browser.

4. From the Smart Hub main screen, select the web browser button using your remote. This will open up a web browser similar to your mobile phone browser. At the bottom of the screen, check the remote control guide on how to use their remote to browse the web. The live television program will still appears in the bottom corner of the screen.


5. Using the remote, go to the address bar on the top of the screen and start using the Internet browser to search the web or download apps for your Samsung Smart TV. When you’re done browsing the web, press the Back Arrow button on the remote to return to the Smart Hub, then press the Back Arrow again to return to the live TV program.

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  1. This article helped me a lot. Clear and to the point thank you very much for helping .

  2. My screen keeps flashing and only highlights donate now.

  3. I’m unable to access a United Kingdom web address on my Samsung smart TV; although, I can access on both my phone and home computer. Might you have a suggestion as to how I can do this?
    Thank you.

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