How to Compute SSS Monthly Pension

The significant reason to have an SSS Monthly Pension is once you retire, you can enjoy the retirement benefits as long as you have completed the 120 monthly premium contributions.

You have two ways to avail the retirement benefits from SSS either through monthly pension or lump sum amount.

An SSS member can only avail the SSS monthly pension when he/she has paid the required monthly premiums before the time of retirement.


3 ways how the monthly pension is computed:

Using Formula 1  ₱300 + 20% of the average monthly salary credit + 2% of the average monthly salary credit for each “Credited Year of Service” exceeding to 10 years

Using Formula 2  40% of the AMSC (average monthly salary credit)

Using Formula 3  ₱1,200 for members with at least 10 CYS and ₱2,400 for those with 20 CYS.


An additional ₱1,000 retirement benefit to all pensioners which is signed by President Rodrigo Duterte effective January 2017.

Is it worth paying the maximum monthly contribution? Yes, you can avail the highest retirement pension based on the amount of your monthly contribution and the number of years that you contributed to SSS.

Aside from the SSS monthly pension, the dependents will also receive allowance until he/she turns 21 years old, or dies, or gets married.

The dependents will still receive allowance if he/she suffers from mental or physical defect and unable to support her or himself.

The retiree has the option to receive first 18 months’ pension in lump sum and would start receiving pension on the 19th months and thereafter. This is only applicable for first retirement claim.

Also, if the SSS member have passed away, his or her primary beneficiaries or legal spouse can claim the pension from SSS.



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