Forgot SSS Number or Password? Here’s how you can find it…

Did you lose or forget your SSS number and/or Password for your SSS online account?

I know it’s frustrating especially if you need to check your SSS contributions or you need to apply for a salary loan or file maternity benefit or any other SSS benefits.

But don’t worry, I’ll give you some tips on how and where you can possibly find your SSS number and online password.

How to Find your SSS Number

An SSS member should only have one SSS number and it’s valid for a lifetime. If for some reason you lost or forgot your SSS number, you should never get a new SSS number.

Here are some tips on how and where you can find your SSS number…

1. Do you have a UMID or SSS ID? If yes, check the details and see if your SSS number is written there.

2. Are you registered to My.SSS? If yes, login to your SSS online account, access your personal profile and you will find your SSS number there.

3. Do you still have your SSS E1 form with you? Your E1 form is what you got from SSS when you first applied for your SSS number or when you became a member of the SSS. If you can find your E1, you’ll be able to find your SSS number on that form.

4. Are you employed? Check your company ID if your SSS Number is there. In some company IDs, aside from the name and employee number, they also include the employee’s TIN and SSS Number usually at the back of the card. You can also ask your HR Staff for your SSS number.

5. Do you have time to visit the nearest SSS branch? If you do, inquire at the information desk if you can ask or verify your SSS number. Just make sure to bring a valid IDs to prove your identity. You may also contact the SSS through their Facebook Page or email them at

If you have more than one SSS number, you should report it immediately to SSS so they can disable the other one and update your SSS membership records. Otherwise, you might encounter issues when claiming your SSS benefits in the future.


How to Reset your SSS Online Password

The Philippine Social Security System has been encouraging all SSS members to register to My.SSS or the online platform of SSS for easy access to their membership records such as their SSS contributions, loan application, and statement balance, and filing of SSS benefits.

If you have previously registered to My.SSS, you should have received your username and password to SSS online (which you personally suggested). In case you lost or forgot your password, here are some tips on how to retrieve or reset it…

Option 1: Use your User ID or Email Address to reset your password

If you still remember your User ID or the email address that you used to register to My.SS, follow these steps to reset your password.

Step 1 – Go to (preferably using Internet Explorer browser)

Step 2 – Right below Member Login, click “Forgot User ID or Password?”


Step 3 – Enter either your User ID or Email Address and click Submit.


Step 4 – Open your email inbox and find the email message from

The subject of that message should be SSS Website Forgot Password, and in the body of the message, you will find your User ID and the Retrieved Password. Go to and login using your User ID and password.


Option 2: Contact SSS directly to request reset of your SSS Password

If you don’t remember either your User ID or email address, your best option is to contact SSS directly and request a password reset.

There are two ways to contact SSS.

1. Using your active email address, send an email to Make sure to include the following info:

  • Subject: THRU FACEBOOK
  • Content of the email
    • Details of Concern (SSS Password Reset)
    • Complete Name
    • Contact Number
    • Active Email Address
    • 10-digit SSS number
    • Date of Birth
    • Employment History
  • Attach:
    • A scanned copy/screenshot of your valid IDs with photo and signature.

2. Post a COMMENT or send a private message to SSS through their official Facebook page (Search: Philippine Social Security System) to follow up on your SSS User ID and Password Recovery request.

Make sure to include the following info on your comment:

  • Email Address (the one that you used to send your email request)
  • Date and Time (when you sent your email request)
  • SSS Email address (where you sent your email request to (

Also, make sure to post your comment during office hours so that the SSS staff can respond immediately and remove your personal info as soon as they see your comment to protect your info and to process your request as soon as they can.

See below the example of the comment that you can post on the SSS FB page:

  • Following up on my SSS Online Password Reset Request | Email Address: |Date and Time: September 7, 2017 / 9:00 AM |SSS Email Address:

Watch this video tutorial if you have not yet registered to My.SSS.

Watch this video tutorial on how to reset SSS password.

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