How to View your SSS Contribution Online

Are you a member of the Philippine Social Security System or SSS?

Do you want to know how much have you contributed so far for your SSS membership?

Well, it’s simple. You don’t even need to go to the SSS office to check your SSS account. You can do it at home or anywhere you are as long as you have a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection.

The very first thing that you need to do is to register your SSS account online. Of course this is assuming that you are already an SSS member (employed, voluntary, or OFW) and you have an SSS number and have made at least one contribution to SSS.

To register your account, please follow the steps below. If you have already registered to My.SSS online, you may skip the registration part of this article.

How to Register in My.SSS Online

1. Go to SSS website and fill out the Online Member User ID Registration form.

Tips for Successful SSS Online Registration:

  • Enter the correct information in all the required fields on the form
  • Use an active and accessible email address that has not been registered in SSS before
  • For your User ID, the length must be 8-20 characters. First character must be alphabetic. No special characters except underscore. (Ex. Juan_Cruz1234)
  • Never use the following characters as they are not allowed: “# % ( ) \ — ‘ ” || && \* */”
  • Double check all the information you have entered before you submit the form

2. After you submit the registration form, check your registered email for an email from SSS. If there’s a link to confirm your registration, go ahead and click it. If there’s none, then look for the User ID and Password in their email. You may now login to you My.SSS online account.

How to Login and Check your SSS Contribution Online

1. Go to Under Member Login, enter your User ID and Password, then click Submit.

Tip: Use Internet Explorer to be able to access the website easily. If you use other browsers, you will have to follow additional steps or instructions to access the SSS website.

2. You’ll know when you’re logged in if you see “Welcome to My.SSS, [Your Name]”. Then, click E-Services > Inquiry (please see screenshot below).


3. To view your SSS contribution, Click Member Info > Actual Premiums.


A table of your SSS contributions will appear on the screen that looks like this…


What to do if you forgot your User ID or Password?

If you have just registered to SSS online, make sure to keep you User ID and Password in a safe place. Write it on your notebook or save it on your computer.

Option 1 – Reset SSS Password

If you still know your User ID or email address, read the steps below to reset your SSS password.

Go to Under Member Login, click “Forgot User ID or Password?”


Enter either your User ID or Email Address in the field. Note: Just enter one of them. Then, click Submit.


Check your registered email and look for the email with this Subject: SSS Website Forgot PasswordIt should come from this email address:

Your User ID and Password should be in that email and you may now try to log in to your My.SSS online account.


Option 2 – Reset your SSS Account

In case you forgot your User ID and email, you need to contact SSS directly to have your online account reset.

  • Send an email to using your active email address with the Subject: THRU FACEBOOK, and include the following info in your email:
    • Details of Concern (SSS Password Reset)
    • Complete Name
    • Contact Number
    • Active Email Address
    • 10-digit SSS number
    • Date of Birth
    • Employment History
    • Attach a scanned copy or screenshot of your valid IDs with photo and signature.
  • Send a private message or post a COMMENT on the official Facebook page of Philippine Social Security System to follow up on your SSS User ID and Password Recovery request. Write the following info on your comment:
    • Email Address (that you used to send your email)
    • Date and Time (when you sent your email request)
    • SSS Email address: (where you sent your email request to)

Try to post your comment or send your private message during office hours so that the SSS officers can reply immediately. They will remove your personal info as soon as they read your message or comment. This is to protect your info and to process your request as soon as possible.

Example message or comment that you can post on the SSS FB page:

Following up on my SSS Online Password Reset Request | Email Address: |Date and Time: July 27, 2016 / 10:00 AM |SSS Email Address:

How to Apply for Salary Loan Online?

Another good thing about being registered to SSS Online is that you can check if you’re eligible to apply for SSS Salary Loan. You’ll also know how much you can loan from SSS.

To do that, just log in to your My.SSS account. Click E-Services > Apply for Salary Loan.


Enter your information on this form and follow the next instructions on the screen.


How to Check SSS Loan Status Online

To check the status of your SSS Loan Application, just login to your online account, then click E-Services > Loan Status.


If you have an existing loan, you can view your statement of account that looks like this…


What else can you do with My.SSS Online? 

Aside from viewing your SSS contributions online, you can do other things including:

  • Applying for SSS Salary Loan
  • Checking the Status of your Loan Application or Loan Statement of Account
  • Applying for SSS P.E.S.O Fund if eligible
  • Submission of Maternity Notification
  • Submission of Technical Retirement
  • Using of the Simulated Retirement Calculator
  • Updating your Contact Info, Changing your Password, and Setting an Appointment

The Social Security System has been encouraging all SSS members to enroll or register online because of its benefits and advantages. If you’re not yet registered, then follow the steps above on for SSS online registration.

For more info about SSS, you may visit their website or contact their hotline at 920-6446 to 55 or send them an email at

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