How to Compute SSS Monthly Pension

The significant reason to have an SSS Monthly Pension is once you retire, you can enjoy the retirement benefits as long as you have completed the 120 monthly premium contributions.

You have two ways to avail the retirement benefits from SSS either through monthly pension or lump sum amount.

An SSS member can only avail the SSS monthly pension when he/she has paid the required monthly premiums before the time of retirement.


3 ways how the monthly pension is computed:

Using Formula 1  ₱300 + 20% of the average monthly salary credit + 2% of the average monthly salary credit for each “Credited Year of Service” exceeding to 10 years read more

Things you need to know about SSS Retirement Benefit

Have you ever thought of saving and investing for your future?

Securing your future is something to think about especially after your retirement.

Maybe you are working with your first job and living in your 20’s with nothing much to worry about, but have you ever thought that investing in early age is advantageous for you when the time comes?

Plan your future now and start to secure your tomorrow

SSS Pension Plan is something to help you secure your future when you turn 60 and you can’t take jobs anymore. There are two types of retirement benefit: read more