How to Change PLDT Home Fibr WiFi Name and Password 2018

If you are a PLDT Home Fibr subscriber who hasn’t changed their WiFi name and password since the beginning of the service or experiencing a very slow internet connection, you may want to consider doing it right now.

Hacking is a common problem for legit internet subscribers. If somebody had already hacked your WiFi access and used it for free, you’ll be experiencing slow internet connection for sure. Having a complete control over your PLDT WiFi router is probably the best defense to counter such incident and make your internet runs at maximum speed at all times. read more

Guide: How to Access PLDT HOME WIFI Router

Why do you need an access with your PLDT HOME WIFI router admin page?

What are the benefits to have full access with your PLDT HOME WIFI router?

There are lot of things you can do on your router’s admin page. Having a full access with your PLDT WIFI router, you can do many things like the following:

  • Check router’s internet status and network activities.
  • Changing your SSID (WIFI name) and WIFI password.
  • Bandwidth control for each connected devices.
  • Device access restrictions.
  • Control children’s time spent online (Parent Control).
  • Route an IP address and port number to network requests to specific devices (Port forwarding).

How to access the admin page:

For PLDT myDSL, Fibr, and Home Bro Routers, you can access the admin page by typing the default router IP ( from any internet browser in your device. Enter the admin’s Username and password for your router. read more