How to Change Smart Bro Pocket WiFi Name and Password

Smart Bro pocket WiFi allows you to connect to the internet with your computer, mobile phones, and tablets on the go, you can may want to check this article to secure your wifi network.

Changing your pocket wifi password regularly can avoid others connecting to your internet for free and decreasing your data bandwidth allowance.

With your Smart Bro Pocket WiFi, you can change the default WiFi name and password of your choice and hide your network so other people can’t see your WiFi network.

You have two ways on how to change your wifi name and password from you smart bro pocket wifi’s admin page.


How to Change Smart Bro Pocket Wifi Name and Password under Quick Settings:

  1. Open your device’s internet browser, you can use any browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safai, or Mozilla.
  2. Go to the address bar, then enter your Smart bro pocket wifi’s ip address “” and
  3. Type your password admin page password or you can try the default password below:
    Password: smartbro
    Password:\\smartbro\\  Note: If you don’t know your old password, you may try doing the Hard Reset procedure.
  4. Select “Settings” from the main menu, then “Quick Settings” from the left side, then click “Next” button to
  5. You can now change the WiFi name under SSID (Service Set Identifier) box. Once done, hit “Next” button.
  6. Under “Encryption/Security Mode” field, choose WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK option, then enter your new password, then click “Next” button to continue.
  7. Click the “Apply” button to finish. And you’re done!

How to Change Smart Bro Pocket Wifi Name and Password under Wi-Fi Settings:

  1. Click on “Settings” from the main menu, then Wi-Fi Settings>Basic Settings.
    Note: You can hide your network so other’s can’t see it while your pocket wifi is on. Just disable “Broadcast Network Name (SSID)“, then hit “Apply”
  2. Under “Basic Settings” window, enter your desired wifi name and password (Refer to the picture guide above). Once done, hit “Apply” button and you’re done!

Changing your wifi name and password is as easy as one, two, three. If you have other concerns, you can always call Smart Technical Support Hotline at (02) 888 1111 for further assistance.


  • How can i load my smart bro pocket wifi? Buy a Smart Bro Prepaid load cards from any card stores and retailers. You can choose from ₱100 and ₱300 denominations.To reload your Smart Bro acccount:Simply scratch the protective ink to reveal the card PIN, then text RELOAD (space) 14-DIGIT PIN (space) SMART BRO NUMBER YOU WISH TO RELOAD to 1510
  • How much is smart bro pocket wifi? They have Plan 499,799, and 999.
  • What is the default password of smart bro pocket wifi? The default password is smart or \\smart\\.
  • What is the ip address of smart bro pocket wifi? The default ip address is
  • What is wps button in smart bro pocket wifi? Press that button if you want your wifi network can easily be discovered with your wifi devices, without entering your wifi name and password.

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