What Earns More: SSS Flexi-Fund or PAG-IBIG MP2?

Aside from saving your money in the bank, you can also consider increasing your contributions to SSS and Pag-ibig Fund.

These two government agencies have savings or investment programs that they offer to their members who want to save more and earn more.

These two saving programs offer higher interest rates than most local banks.

Plus, they are tax-free and you don’t have to worry about fraud or bankruptcy for SSS Flexi-Fund and PAG-IBIG MP2 are both guaranteed by the Philippine government.

When you invest in another investment products like those of Insurance companies, you shouldn’t miss your payments, otherwise, you’ll have to pay expensive penalties or you might lose your investment if you aren’t able to pay it within the grace period.

When you invest with SSS Flexi-Fund and Pag-ibig MP2 and you missed paying for some time, you can still continue to pay for it when you already have enough funds. Your investment will add up until such time that you are already eligible to withdraw your savings or pension.

Now, let’s compare SSS Flexi-Fund and Pag-ibig MP2…

SSS Flexi-Fund


1. SSS Flexi-Fund is offered to SSS members who are OFWs. 1. Pag-ibig Fund MP2 is offered to all PAG-IBIG 1 members.
2. PHP200 is the minimum monthly savings amount for SSS Flexi Fund. 2. PHP500 is the minimum monthly savings amount for Pag-ibig MP2.
3. To continue in this SSS Flexi-Fund, the member should pay the maximum monthly contribution which is PHP1, 760. 3. In this saving program, you need to continue paying in PAG-IBIG 1 to be considered in PAG-IBIG MP2.
4. For regular SSS and Flexi-Fund, the member uses the same SSS number. 4. You need two numbers: one for PAG-IBIG MP2 and PAG-IBIG 1.
5. In terms of payment, SSS Flexi-Fund and regular SSS is in one receipt. You don’t have to pay separately. SSS will be the one responsible to separate your payment for SSS Flexi-Fund and regular SSS.

Your maximum monthly contribution is PHP 1, 760. The excess for that amount will be given to the SSS Flexi-Fund. Pay at least PHP 1, 760 plus PHP 200 to make it PHP 1, 960, then SSS will separate the PHP 200 for the Flexi-Fund.

If you want to contribute PHP 1000 to Flexi-Fund, then give PHP 2, 760 as your payment. If you want higher savings in Flexi-Fund, always add it into the maximum monthly contribution. But every payment is only in single receipt.

5. The difference of PAG-IBIG MP2 to Flexi-Fund when it comes to payment, is that PAG-IBIG MP2 and PAG-IBIG 1 should be paid individually, meaning, there are two receipts that will be given to the member.
6. SSS Flexi-Fund has a longer term than PAG-IBIG MP2. In this saving program, the term is 1-30 years, depending on your choice. 6. The term for PAG-IBIG MP2 is 5 years to 10 years. You can choose the 5-year term and renew it for another term.
7. The SSS interest rate is based on the present average 91-day rate for treasury bill. Every year, the interest rate is being re-priced and quoted every year. 7. The dividend rate is decided not by any agency but by the PAG-IBIG directly. For PAG-IBIG MP2, it is decided by the PAG-IBIG board every year and they are depending on the earnings of past year. The dividend rate for MP2is higher than P1 (PAG-IBIG 1) contribution. In the year 2010, the dividend rate for PAG-IBIG MP2 is higher than PAG-IBIG 1, wherein the rate was 5.5% and 5%.


Which program earns more?

The earnings of SSS Flexi-Fund and PAG-IBIG MP2 are different in just little value.

SSS Flexi-Fund

  • Monthly savings – PHP 2, 000
  • Total in five (5) years – PHP 120, 000
  • Total dividends – PHP 19, 876
  • Total savings – PHP 139,876


  • Monthly savings – PHP 2, 000
  • Total in five (5) years – PHP 120, 000
  • Total dividends – PHP 19, 687
  • Total savings – PHP 139, 687

In this case, if you can contribute for five (5) years up to 5k every month while you are abroad, the savings in your account will be about PHP 350, 000 on the day you arrive in Manila airport.

You can have one-time deposit just like a time deposit at a bank. The maximum deposit is up to PHP 100, 000 or more for your one-time deposit.

In these two saving programs, you can indeed see your money growing.

To join in SSS Flexi-Fund, you can enroll online and see how your contributions grow year by year. For PAG-IBIG MP2, online checking is only available to OFWs as of now.

If you have enough funds, you can invest on both SSS Flexi-Fund and Pag-ibig MP2 programs at the same time.

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