How to Speed-up your PLDT Internet Browsing

Are you experiencing slow browsing or YouTube buffers a lot with your PLDT Internet?

Recently, I’ve found a solution online on how to speed-up your browsing with your PLDT internet. You don’t need to be a techy person to perform these simple steps and will only take you 30 seconds, that’s right! only 30 seconds and you will have faster browsing experience and less YouTube buffers.

Take note, these steps will not increase your subscribed speed with PLDT, it will only speed-up the loading time of your internet. For example, Facebook will load up faster, YouTube videos will play faster, or less lags when playing mobile games online. This trick is also applicable for Globe, Smart, or Sun WiFi users. read more

How to Extend PLDT Home DSL/Fibr WiFi Signal

Today, you can now extend your PLDT Home DSl/Fibr signal at home. With the PLDT WiFi Repeater, you can have strong signal anywhere in your home and enjoy simultaneous connection with a range of up to 25 meters. If you have a larger space at home, you may need to get an extra router to extend the signal. Configuring your second WiFi router can be a bit challenging but I’ll make it easier for you by using PLDT WiFi Repeater. 

Here’s the guide on how to configure your PLDT WiFi Repeater: read more