Latest Number Coding Scheme in Metro Manila

What is Number Coding? Number Coding Scheme is a traffic law which aims to decongest major roads by banning private and public utility vehicles from entering the roads on weekdays. The scheme has been implemented since 1995 and had been revised many times. In this article, you will know the new scheme and get smart by avoiding major roads that are in Number Coding Scheme. Secondary streets and minor lanes may allow you to drive your “coded” car depending on the city you’re in.

The new Number Coding scheme is still the same were the last plate number ends at 1-2 Monday, 3-4 Tuesday, 5-6 Wednesday, 7-8 Thursday and 9-0 Friday are now barred from using roads in Metro Manila from 7AM to 8PM, also there are no “window hours” on these major roads: read more

MMDA: Beware of Fake Traffic Enforcers

Have you ever been caught in a traffic violation and confiscated your license? Are you sure that the one who caught you is legit MMDA traffic officer?

Today, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has released a statement and warned the public against these shameless persons posing as legitimate MMDA traffic enforcers to extort money following the complaint of a victimized motorist recently. Many issues have been reported such incidents so our MMDA traffic officers just reminding us to be careful and be vigilant at all times. read more

Philippine Bank Schedules for Holy Week 2018

Here’s the list of Philippine bank schedules for this coming Holy Week. Most bank branches will be closed starting March 29, Thursday to April 1, Sunday in observance of the Holy Week, while most ATM machines and online services will be available during the Holy Week. Please check this page from time to time for further updates.


All branches and kiosks will be closed March 29, Thursday to April 1, Sunday. Regular bank operations will resume on April 2, Monday and online payments made from March 29 to April 1, will be posted on April 3, Tuesday. read more

TRAIN Law: What it is and how it affects the Filipinos

The Tax Reformation for Acceleration and Inclusion or TRAIN law was signed by President Duterte on December 19, 2017 to simplify the government tax system. The bill has already started last January 1, 2018, and many Filipinos are already happy with it, but some are not.


What exactly is the TRAIN law? In this article, you’ll know the changes and how will affect every Filipinos.

Increased take-home money and bonuses:

Employees or workers with an annual salary of ₱250,000 are exempted now from tax. Includes the mandated 13th month bonus and other taxable bonuses. You’ll have 0% tax deduction compared with old tax system which has 5% to 32% deductions. You’ll have higher take-home pay and more chances of saving money. read more

What are the Benefits and Privileges for Senior Citizens?

Do you have a Senior Citizen in your household? Are they aware of the benefits and privileges that they are entitled to?

Well, aside from the express or priority lanes that we commonly see in many areas, there’s actually a long list of Senior Citizen privileges.

And while they may not need or be eligible to avail every single benefit or privilege in the list, it certainly pays to know what they can enjoy as a Senior Citizen.

Here are some of the benefits and privileges for Senior Citizens in the Philippines. read more

Free TESDA Online Program List of Courses

Gusto mo bang may matutunang bagong skill? O kaya naman gusto mong lalo pang ma-enhance ang skills mo sa trabaho mo ngayon?

Pwedeng pwede yan sa programa ng e-TESDA.

Wherever you are, whether you are in the Philippines right now or you’re abroad working as an OFW, you can enroll in any of the online courses offered by TESDA. It’s absolutely free! Wala kang babayaran.

All you need is a computer or laptop, tablet or smartphone with internet connection. Why do you need an internet connection? Well, it’s because you will access the e-TESDA courses on the internet. And as long as you have internet connection, you can take the online courses anywhere and anytime. read more

5 Business Ideas for OFWs

Working abroad is quite popular nowadays. Many of us are encouraged to work in a foreign land for greener pastures even if it means being away from loved ones.

It is true that if you work abroad, you can earn more money than with local jobs, but it doesn’t mean that you have to work abroad for the rest of your life.

Most of us may have family members or relatives working abroad and we are pretty much aware that it is no joke living in a foreign country. Aside from the tiring or stressful work, they also experience loneliness away from home. read more