How to Change WIFI Password for Globe 2019

Are you trying to change your Globe Wifi Password?

Changing your Globe broadband wifi name and password is one way of securing your internet connection to prevent unauthorized devices to connect and use your internet without your permission.

If you haven’t changed your Globe wifi password yet and you’re still using the default password given by your Globe technician, I suggest you do it now.

Steps on how to change WIFI Password for Globe 

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to change Globe broadband wifi username and password:

  1. Connect to your Globe Broadband WiFi using your laptop, cellphone, or tablet.
  2. Open up your device’s internet browser and enter from the address bar, then enter.globe-broadband-wifi-router
  3. Click on the “Log In” button at the upper right hand corner.globe-broadband-wifi-router
  4. Log-in using your router’s username and password. If you don’t know your router’s credentials, you may try using the default username and password below:
    Username: user
    Password: @l03e1t3globe-broadband-wifi-router
  5. Once you’re logged-in, click on “WIFI Settings” from the main menu. globe-broadband-wifi-router
  6. Under “WIFI Settings” page, you can now change your wifi name password. Once done, hit the “Apply” button.globe-broadband-wifi-router

How to Change Globe Password for Multiple Wifi Name

If you have multiple wifi name enabled, you can change your other wifi name and password from “Advance” menu, then “WLAN“option from the left side, then click “WLAN Basic Settings“. read more

How to Fix ABS CBN TV Plus No Signal Issue


Are you getting the ABS CBN TV Plus No Signal error?

Have you tried fixing it yourself but you just couldn’t solve it?

Actually, I have also encountered No Signal error and after trying a few things, I finally got this issue solved.

And today, I’m going to share with you the same steps I did to solve this issue.

What is ABS CBN TV Plus? 

ABS CBN TV Plus is a Philippine encrypted digital terrestrial television provider owned and operated by ABS-CBN Convergence, a subsidiary of ABS-CBN. (Source) read more

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Delivery Number of Popular Fast Food Restaurants in the Philippines


When we’re hungry or craving for some food but don’t feel like going out, the best thing to do is to have your food delivered to your doorstep.

And the best thing we need? Of course, is a handy list of food delivery hotline numbers that we can contact immediately.

It may cost a little more, but it’s worth ordering food online or by dialing the food delivery number and munch on what we’re craving for at the moment, without having to go out and spend extra time, effort, and even gas or fare just to satisfy our cravings. read more

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Taiwan Factory Worker Job Hiring for Filipinos 2018


A lot of Filipinos are now working in Taiwan as factory workers.

Are you also interested to work as a Factory Worker in Taiwan?

Why not? Taiwan is a progressive country with lots of job opportunities waiting for Filipinos like you and me.

If you have been looking for a job opportunity abroad and you’re open to working as a Factory worker, then this could be your chance since there’s a massive hiring of Factory Workers in Taiwan.

In fact, they’re always hiring. You’ll never run out of companies who are looking for factory workers who are willing to take the job. read more

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Asus Zenfone 3 Laser Review Philippines


Updated July 27, 2018: It’s been almost 2 years since we bought our Asus Zenfone 3 Laser and it’s still performing very well. 

It still looks fine fine inside and out. Battery is okay. It charges well and it doesn’t go “low batt” easily.

This Asus Zenfone 3 Laser is still my wife’s primary phone and she uses it when taking videos for her vlogs and when taking pictures. In short, it still does what it’s supposed to do – laser focused photos and very clear videos. read more

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Long Bond Paper Size in the Philippines


How long exactly is a long bond paper size?

Sometimes, when we’re buying a bond paper at the bookstore or grocery store, we’re presented with various papers in various sizes, and we aren’t sure what size are we exactly looking for.

Or, maybe you were asked by your boss to print a document in a long bond paper size, and there were various size options in the drop down when you were about to print. Which one should you pick?

It’s a simple problem, isn’t it? But we need the answer. So here it is… read more

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OPPO F7 Smartphone Pinoy Review


Today, Oppo’s newest F series lineup has been released in the Philippine market. The newest addition to this line-up is the Oppo F7 and Oppo seems retained its “selfie expert” selfie camera just like the previous released models. Launched few weeks after the Vivo V9 which almost an identical look and internals as the Oppo F7.

The Oppo F7 starts at a price of Php 17,999, the base variant of Oppo F7 is priced slightly higher than its predecessor, the Oppo F5. However, Oppo has number of changes on its new phone that makes it feel like an upgrade to the F5. The star of the show here is the notch, an improved processor, and an AI-powered selfie camera that could beat other smartphones when it comes to image quality. read more

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VIVO V9 Smartphone Pinoy Review

The year 2018 marked a huge step in VIVO’s direction as they released their new flagship the VIVO V9 smartphone. This is also the year that smartphone’s bezels have significantly shrunk, not only this phone, but other phones as well.  VIVO’s introduction of their smartphone this year is not much of a surprise since they did it last year. What is more interesting about this year’s release is the focus on bezel size.


VIVO V9 Design and Construction:

Every year, VIVO makes significant design changes to their smartphones. This year, the VIVO V9 got quite a cosmetic makeover. At 6.3 inches, the VIVO V9 bezel-less dsiplay at 85.2% screen-to-body ratio.
With the VIVO V9, you get the same premium metallic build and flawless craftsmanship from VIVO. It feels good on the hands, very light for its size and a slim profile. read more

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