How to Fix Sky Cable Digibox Signal Issues

Are you having a Sky Cable signal issues and having trouble how to fix it? 

I’ve been a sky cable subscriber for more than 20 years and I’ve been encountered many issues, I think almost everything with my sky cable subscription. Let me show how I fix everything step-by-step in this article. Make sure to check what signal issue currently showing in your TV below and follow the guide accordingly. Let’s fix all your sky cable digibox signal issues today! 

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How to Fix E16, E17, No Right to Access and No Valid Sector:

1. Check your billing statement and make sure you don’t have any outstanding balance. If you don’t have your statement of account right now, you can also check your current balance online. Click here to check!

Note: If you don’t have an online account yet, just click on “Create one now” from the login screen and fill out the form.


2. Go to this link and check if the missing channels are present with your Sky Cable plan. If not, you need to upgrade your plan that has the missing channels.

Check the video:

How to Fix No Signal, Black/Blue Screen, No Input Signal, Service is Currently Unavailable, E48, E50, E52:

1. Unplug the RF input from digibox, then plug it back in.


2. From your TV remote, go to source and choose which cable you’re currently using for your sky cable digibox. In this picture, I’m currently using an AV/RCA cable for my TV and sky cable digibox. Just use either HDMI or AV/RCA cable. I didn’t see any difference between the two when it comes to picture and audio quality.

No Signal-Black-Blue-Screen-No-Input-Signal-Service-is-Currently-Unavailable-E48-E50-E52


Check the video:


How to Fix E04, E06, Smart Card Failure, Unable to Read Smart Card:

1. Turn off your digibox.

2. Remove the Smart Card from the digibox, use a pencil eraser to clean the gold chip.

3. Insert back the Smart Card and turn on your digibox again.


  • How can i extend my sky cable? Dealers do sell extension cables for sky cable, you don’t join the two cables, just replace the original with the longer one.
  • How do i split my sky cable? You cannot do that with sky cable digibox.
  • How do i run sky cable to another tv? Contact sky cable to get additional digibox for your second TV.

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