How to Change SUN Pocket WIFI Name and Password


SUN Pocket WIFI is very popular when it comes to ‘on the go’ internet access for your mobile devices. With it’s cheap and fast internet access, you can’t be wrong for choosing this awesome device as it shares the same technology with SMART and PLDT.

If you’re a SUN pocket wifi subscriber and you are having issue changing the WiFi name and password of your device, this article might be for you. Make sure to follow my step-by-step procedure accordingly. I have included on how to upgrade your sun broadband signal as well in this article. If you have questions, just leave a comment down below. Also, don’t forget to like this page when you find this article helpful.

Here are the steps on how to change your SUN Pocket WIFI Name and Password:

1. Open your device’s internet browser and enter “” from the address bar if you have a ZTE pocket wifi or “” for Huawei pocket wifi. Make sure your device is connected with your SUN Pocket WIFI before changing your wifi name or password.

2. Enter “admin” for the password or “admin” for both username and password. Hit “Login” button to

Note: If you cannot access the “Login” page, you may try do the factory reset below:

  • Make sure the pocket wifi is on.
  • Press and hold the “Power” and “WPS” buttons for 6-10 seconds until the led notifications
  • Try to access the Login page again.

3. Choose “Settings” from main menu.


4. Select “Wi-Fi Settings” option from the left side.


5. Under “Basic Settings” window, you can now change the wifi name from “Network Name” box or leave it as it is if you don’t want to change your wifi name. Select WPA2(AES-PSK) for “Security Mode“. Lastly, change your wifi password from “Pass Phrase” box. Once done, hit “Apply” button.


6. When you see the message below, hit “Yes” button.


Note: All your wifi devices will be disconnected after you change your wifi name or password. Just reconnect your device to your pocket wifi with your new wifi name or password and you’re done!

How to upgrade your SUN pocket wifi signal to have faster internet:

1. From the main menu, choose “Settings“, then select “Network Settings“.


2. Under Network Selection, select “Manual“, then click “Search” button.


3.  Change your current network to either Sun or Smart available network, then click “Register“.


4. Go back to Network Selection, choose “Automatic” this time.


5. Reconnect your wifi devices and you’re done!

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1 thought on “How to Change SUN Pocket WIFI Name and Password”

  1. Regine omboy says:

    My aunt gave me her pocket wifi then sad to say she forgot the password of her wifi until now i can’t use my pocket wifi because i don’t know the password. How to locate the password of my sun pocket wifi .?i really need a help. Thank you:)

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