Updated Globe Cellphone Numbers 2018

Are you still confused what prefix belong to Globe Cellphone Numbers? Do you have an ongoing Globe prepaid promo and not sure if the number you’re going to call or text is a globe cellphone number? Yes, it’s very confusing because there are so many mobile network prefixes in the Philippines. If you keep on asking to your friends what networks is 0817, 0926, 0956 and other mobile numbers, there is a simple solution that will answer all your questions about network prefixes. Here’s a complete list that you can use to tell what network or SIM belongs to Globe. We all know that they offer promos like call, text and mobile data to their customers. The list below is very useful when it comes to calling and texting as not all telecoms offer free interconnection call and text charges.

Just check my mobile number prefixes for Globe and Touch Mobile below:

globe cellphone numbers

Globe or Touch Mobile
0817 0926 0956
0905 0927 0975
0906 0935 0977
0915 0936 0995
0916 0945 0997
0917 0955  


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