100 Sushi Chefs Hiring in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is known to be the most in demand country for Filipino Workers. Most of our Overseas Filipino Workers are based in Saudi Arabia. The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or POEA recently released their list of job vacancies bound for Saudi Arabia. Modern Food Company is in need of Hundreds of Filipino Workers that will be deployed within the country.

Below is the list of positions needed with their Proposed Salary. 100 vacancies for each position.

  • Commis – Php26,000
  • Bartender – Php26,000
  • Supervisor – Php44,000
  • Busser – Php24,000
  • Chef De Partie Sushi – Php51,000
  • Commis Sushi – Php33,000
  • Chef De Partie – Php26,000
  • Pastry Chef De Partie – Php31,000
  • Waiter – Php24,000

chefs job


Interview Date is on August 15, 2017 for all the job vacancies mentioned above. read more