VIVO V9 Smartphone Pinoy Review

The year 2018 marked a huge step in VIVO’s direction as they released their new flagship the VIVO V9 smartphone. This is also the year that smartphone’s bezels have significantly shrunk, not only this phone, but other phones as well.  VIVO’s introduction of their smartphone this year is not much of a surprise since they did it last year. What is more interesting about this year’s release is the focus on bezel size.


VIVO V9 Design and Construction:

Every year, VIVO makes significant design changes to their smartphones. This year, the VIVO V9 got quite a cosmetic makeover. At 6.3 inches, the VIVO V9 bezel-less dsiplay at 85.2% screen-to-body ratio.
With the VIVO V9, you get the same premium metallic build and flawless craftsmanship from VIVO. It feels good on the hands, very light for its size and a slim profile. read more