Forgot SSS Number or Password? Here’s how you can find it…

Did you lose or forget your SSS number and/or Password for your SSS online account?

I know it’s frustrating especially if you need to check your SSS contributions or you need to apply for a salary loan or file maternity benefit or any other SSS benefits.

But don’t worry, I’ll give you some tips on how and where you can possibly find your SSS number and online password.

How to Find your SSS Number

An SSS member should only have one SSS number and it’s valid for a lifetime. If for some reason you lost or forgot your SSS number, you should never get a new SSS number. read more

How to View your SSS Contribution Online

Are you a member of the Philippine Social Security System or SSS?

Do you want to know how much have you contributed so far for your SSS membership?

Well, it’s simple. You don’t even need to go to the SSS office to check your SSS account. You can do it at home or anywhere you are as long as you have a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection.

The very first thing that you need to do is to register your SSS account online. Of course this is assuming that you are already an SSS member (employed, voluntary, or OFW) and you have an SSS number and have made at least one contribution to SSS. read more

How to Apply for SSS Salary Loan

The SSS loan benefit will be granted to the currently paying member which are employed, self-employed or voluntary paying member.

The loan was established to help the ones benefit for their short-term credit needs.

What are the requirement needed to grant the SSS Salary Loan?

1. For those who are currently self-employed or voluntary member, and employed.

  • When the member wants to avail the one-month loan, the monthly contribution should be sufficient, wherein the member must have contributed thirty six (36) times. Within the last twelve (12) months. The borrower should have contributed six (6) times before the month of filing of the application.
  • When the borrower wants a two-month loan, he/she must have contributed seventy two (72) times, and six (6) times prior to the month of filing the application within the last twelve (12) months. The update of the payment of contributions by the member-borrower should be passed to the employer.

2. To grant the loan request, the borrower must not have granted other final benefit, like permanent disability, retirement, and death.

3. Under sixty five (65) years old borrower is the only accepted to apply in this benefit. read more

How to Apply for SSS Peso Fund

Additional savings in SSS is accepted and available to those who have the capability to invest more money to get bigger benefits in the future in return.

SSS P.E.S.O (Personal Equity and Savings Option) Fund is exclusive for SSS members but not necessarily a compulsory to individual.

The main purpose of SSS Peso Fund is to help people to save more from their excess fund. Why

Why might you be interested in SSS P.E.S.O Fund?

  • It gives you better and secured benefits in the future.
  • The tax and benefits that you will receive is tax-free.
  • The earning you will receive is guaranteed.

Who are qualified to join the SSS PESO Fund?

Self-employed (SE), Employees, and Voluntary Members (VM) can join in the SSS Peso Fund, but same with SSS benefits, PESO Fund have their requirement that individuals should meet. read more

How to Avail of SSS Sickness Benefit

The Philippine Social Security System gives benefit to those who are unable to work due to sickness or injury.

The sickness benefit covers the salary of the days that the sick or injured beneficiary was unable to work or do the job.

What are the requirements to qualify for SSS sickness benefit?

  1. He/She is confined at the hospital or at home for at least four (4) days due to sickness or injury.
  2. Before the semester of sickness or injury, he/she must have been paid the 3-month contribution within the 12-month period immediately.
  3. All the current company sick must be completely used up with pay; and
  4. He/She must notify the ER, or SSS employee, and if separated from employment, he/she must notify the VM or SE about his/her sickness or injury.

The question is how much SSS benefit will be given to the beneficiary?

The amount of benefit that will be given depends on the SSS members’ average daily salary. The SSS will give the 90% portion of the salary to the SSS member.

How is the SSS Sickness Benefit computed? 

  1. The semester of sickness is excluded.

What is semester?

  • That is in the ending of quarter of sickness, there is two consecutive quarters.

Then what is quarter?

  • It is referring to the three consecutive months ending March, June, September or December.
  1. At the time before the semester of sickness will be the start on counting backwards the twelve (12) months backward.
  2. Within the 12-month period, identify the six (6) highest Monthly Salary Credit (MSC).

What is Monthly Salary Credit or MSC? read more

Things you need to know about SSS Retirement Benefit

Have you ever thought of saving and investing for your future?

Securing your future is something to think about especially after your retirement.

Maybe you are working with your first job and living in your 20’s with nothing much to worry about, but have you ever thought that investing in early age is advantageous for you when the time comes?

Plan your future now and start to secure your tomorrow

SSS Pension Plan is something to help you secure your future when you turn 60 and you can’t take jobs anymore. There are two types of retirement benefit: read more