How To Pay Your MAYNILAD Bills Online With Metrobank Direct

Do you have a Metrobank account and need to pay your MAYNILAD bills without going to payment centers?

Good news! Pay your MAYNILAD bills online thru Metrobank Direct and enjoy the convenience of today’s online banking technology.

You can also download their mobile apps to pay your MAYNILAD bills, just go to App Store or Google Play Store and start downloading their app.

This article will guide you on how to register and pay your MAYNILAD bills online using Metrobank Direct.

Google Chrome Browser is best on paying your bills online with Metrobank Direct. Internet Explorer, Safari or Mozilla Firefox browsers are just fine. read more

How to Pay Your MAYNILAD Bill using BPI Express Online

If you are a BPI account holder and you have a BPI Express Online account, there is now a better and faster way of paying your Meralco Electric Bill.

Is it already deadline for MAYNILAD payment tomorrow?

Are you tired of going to the MAYNILAD payment center or bayad center partners to pay your MAYNILAD bill?

Good news! You can pay your MAYNILAD bills online with BPI Express Online or BPI Express Mobile’s 24/7 bills payment service.

Just follow my guide below on how to register your MAYNILAD account to your BPI express online account so you can just use the internet to pay your bills. read more