How to Change PLDT HOME DSL WIFI name and password 2018

Many of my friends, colleagues, relatives and members of my family asked me how to change their PLDT HOME DSL WIFI name and password. I’ve been getting a lot of this question especially for security reasons of their WIFI service. Also, having been with PLDT DSL service for more than a decade now, so I’ve decided to create this simple guide for everyone.

Why do I need to change my WIFI name and password?
Changing your WIFI name and password will prevent your neighbors or unauthorized device to connect and use your internet for free. If you’re experiencing slow internet recently and you never had changed your password since you got your PLDT DSL WIFI service, I guess it’s about time to do that right now. read more

Guide: How to Hard Reset PLDT WIFI Router

Many people have been asking how to hard reset PLDT wifi router, but what does it actually mean?
It’s a process of restoring the router’s software to its original state by deleting all of the data stored on the device in an attempt to restore the device’s software to its original factory settings.

When do you need to hard reset your PLDT wifi router?
You should only do the factory reset of your modem for two reasons below:

  • You forgot the administrator’s password
  • You can’t remember your PLDT wifi password

Note: Performing the hard reset will totally erase all the settings of your PLDT wifi router, and your WIFI devices might lose access with the router. Use the default WIFI password located at the bottom of your router to re-establish your WIFI connection. You can also use a PC and an Ethernet cable to gain access with the router via wired connection. read more