How to Apply for BPI OFW Loan

BPI OFW Loan is one of the banks and other government agencies offer OFW loan in the Philippines, you may check my other article here about “Lowest interest OFW loan in the Philippines”.

There are different types of BPI OFW loan that cater the various needs of OFWs including personal, car, house, and business loan. There are specific terms and conditions for each loan that fit the needs of the OFWs or their families.


Qualifications for BPI OFW Loan:

To be qualified for BPI OFW loans, OFWs must have complete and proper work documents to be presented with BPI. If qualified, OFWs currently working abroad can apply for loan for their personal use or for their families. read more

Lowest Interest OFW Loans In The Philippines

OFW loan is so relevant for our modern day heroes (mga bagong bayani), individual pinoy worker experienced poor working conditions include long hours, low wages and few chances to visit family.

Remittances from OFWs serve as the lifeblood of their families and plays big part to the Philippine economy.

Most of us think they don’t come across any financial crunches. They’re like us working locally, regardless of their monthly income, they also have financial needs.

To help the OFWs, we have loan services exclusive for OFWs. read more