SSS Loan Restructuring Program 2018

What is SSS Loan Restructuring Program(LRP)? A program of the Social Security System that helps SSS members pay off their past due loans by removing their loan penalties from their total SSS loan balance. A way for helping individuals who could not pay off their loans especially those who were affected by calamities and disasters in different parts of the Philippines. Also known as SSS Loan Condonation that aims to help pinoys who were unable to pay their loans simply because they don’t have work anymore or they were unable process their payments on time.

Today, SSS has again implemented the program from April 2 – October 1, 2018 to help more pinoys pay off their past dues. If you’re one of the pinoys who hasn’t pay their dues, make sure to grab this golden opportunity so you can avail all SSS benefits or apply for additional loans again for your immediate needs.



Who can avail the SSS Loan Restructuring Program or SSS Loan Condonation?

1. All member-borrowers who have past due loans including:

  • Educational Loan (old)
  • Emergency Loan
  • Investments Incentive Loan
  • Salary Loan
  • Study Now Pay Later Plan
  • Voc-Tech Loans
  • Y2K Loans

Note: SSS Members applying for second LRP, the loan must be past due for at least six months by April 2 to qualify with second LRP.

2. All member-borrowers must be residing or working as of the date of the disaster in a calamity/disaster-stricken area declared by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) or in the case of Ondoy, by the National Government.

Click here: Complete List of Calamity or Disaster-stricken Areas in the Philippines

Even if you were not directly affected by these calamities or disasters, it is possible that your place was once included under state of calamity.

For example, during typhoon Ondoy in 2009, not all areas in NCR were flooded and not all residents were affected. But you know what, the entire NCR or National Capital Region, including Metro Manila was declared by the national government under State of Calamity.

Therefore, if you were working or residing anywhere in Metro Manila during typhoon Ondoy or even right now when you apply for LRP, you are still eligible.

Who CANNOT avail the LRP or Loan Condonation?

1. SSS members who have approved LRP applications in 2016 to 2017 are no longer qualified to apply under the second LRP.

2. SSS members who have been granted with any final benefit claim like retirement, total permanent disability and death prior to the LRP availment period are not qualified to apply for LRP.

3. SSS members who committed fraud against the SSS are disqualified from the program.

What are the Requirements to apply for SSS Loan Restructuring Program?

  • Statement of Loan Balances
    You can get this from the SSS branch (Inform the SSS officer that you want to apply for LRP)
    You can also find your Statement of Loan Balances when you login to your My.SSS account but it would be better if you inquire personally at the SSS branch so that they can compute your loan balance with the LRP.
  • SSS LRP Application Form
    You can get this from the SSS branch or download it here
    Fill out this form completely and accurately
  • Affidavit of Residency
    You can get this from the SSS branch or download it here
    Go to the nearest Notary Public Office and have this document notarized for ₱150 or less
    This affidavit is a proof that you live/work or have lived/worked in a calamity/disaster-stricken area
  • 2 Valid IDs
    Examples are UMID or SSS ID, valid Passport, Driver’s License
    IDs must have a signature and at least 1 valid ID with picture
    Bring supporting documents such as Birth Certificate, NBI Clearance, etc, if you have only 1 valid ID

How to Apply for LRP or SSS Loan Condonation:

Step 1

Prepare all the requirements needed for your SSS Loan Restructuring Program application.

  • 2 Valid IDs
  • Statement of Loan Balances
  • Notarized Affidavit of Residency
  • Completely filled-out SSS LRP Application Form

Step 2

Go to the nearest SSS branch. Proceed directly to the Information Counter and inform them that you’re going to apply for SSS LRP. If you already have the forms and requirements ready, tell them immediately or show it to them so that they can give you your queue number.

Step 3

When your Queue Number is called or flashed on the screen, immediately proceed to the SSS officer and submit all the forms and requirements. The SSS Officer will explain to you the details of the SSS Loan Condonation Program and he/she will recompute your loan balance based on your capacity to pay. Example: full payment or installment basis for 12 months, 24 months, or for a maximum of 60 months or 5 years.

Step 4

Pay your SSS loan balance according to the agreed payment terms. If you’re going to pay in full, then do so. If you’re going to pay in installment basis, then pay your loan balance until its complete.

For OFWs and other SSS Members who cannot apply personally.

If you’re an OFW or if for some reason you can’t apply for LRP personally, follow these instructions:

Prepare all the required documents for LRP Application.

  • Affidavit of Residency for Foreign Office – download it here
  • Completely filled-out SSS LRP Application Form – download it here
  • Original Copy of Special Power of Attorney (SPA) – download it here
  • Photocopy of 2 valid IDs each of the member-borrower and the filer (or representative).
  • Statement of Loan Balances

If there’s an SSS office in the country where you’re at, you may submit all the requirements personally. Or you may authorize a representative and have him/her submit all the requirements to any SSS branch in the Philippines or to the SSS office abroad.
After the verification and loan re-computation procedures, pay your loan balance based on your agreed payment terms.


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