How to Change PLDT Ultera WiFi Name and Password

Are you having issues connecting to your PLDT ULTERA WiFi network, and you have already tried entering your old password many times and still unable to connect? This article will help you change your WiFi name and password in your PLDT Ultera GUI page.

What are the benefits of changing your WIFI name and password? Changing your WIFI name and password will prevent your neighbors or unauthorized device to connect and use your internet for free. If you never had changed your password since you got your PLDT Ultera service and experiencing slow internet recently, this is your best bet for now. Make sure you are connected with your WiFi router before doing the steps below.

Here are the steps on how to change your PLDT Ultera WiFi name and password:

pldt-ultera1. Connect to your PLDT Ultera WiFi, open up your web browser from any WiFi device, then type-in from the address bar, then enter (I’m using my computer for this guide). home-bro-ultera

2. Enter your GUI page’s username and password, or try the default credentials below: Username: homebro Password: homebroOrUsername: homeultera Password: homeulteraOr

Username: voip Password: 1234

Note: If you cannot access the GUI page for some reason, you may try first resetting your PLDT Ultera router. Here’s how to hard reset your router:

  • Locate the “Reset” button at the back of the router.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 6-10 seconds. Use a paper clip or any pointed object that will fit in.
  • Wait for LED lights to light up.
  • Connect to your router using default WiFi name and password (Usually located at bottom of the router).
  • Try to access the GUI page again.

3. Click on “Wireless” from left side, then “Basic Settings“. You can now change your WiFi name from “SSID” field. Hit “Modify” button to apply changes.
Note: If you want to hide your WiFi network, change “Broadcast SSID” to Disable. This will hide your WiFi name from other devices and also prevents WiFi hacking.

4. Next, click on “Security“. Change your WiFi password from “Pre-Shared Key” field. Hit “Modify” button to apply changes.home-bro-ultera

Take note, you’ll be disconnected from your network after changing your WiFi name or Password, just try to connect again. If you have questions, just leave a comment below or you may call PLDT hotline at *1888 (For Smart / Talk ‘N Text subscribers) or 02-6727277 (For PLDT NCR subscribers) for further assistance.


  • how many devices can connect to pldt ultera? – pldt ultera can only allow up to 7 WiFi devices connected to your router.
  • how much is pldt ultera? – They have plan 699, 1299, and 1699.
  • how much is the installation fee for pldt ultera? – There’s a device fee of Php109/month for 36 months. The device fee is free for existing Canopy/Wimax subscribers who will upgrade to PLDT Ultera.
  • how to bypass pldt ultera data cap? – You cannot, but you can purchase an additional bandwidth once you hit the limit of your monthly volume allowance.
  • how to apply pldt ultera? – You can visit their website at

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