How To Pay Your MAYNILAD Bills Online With Metrobank Direct

Do you have a Metrobank account and need to pay your MAYNILAD bills without going to payment centers?

Good news! Pay your MAYNILAD bills online thru Metrobank Direct and enjoy the convenience of today’s online banking technology.

You can also download their mobile apps to pay your MAYNILAD bills, just go to App Store or Google Play Store and start downloading their app.

This article will guide you on how to register and pay your MAYNILAD bills online using Metrobank Direct.

Google Chrome Browser is best on paying your bills online with Metrobank Direct. Internet Explorer, Safari or Mozilla Firefox browsers are just fine.

I assume that you already have your Metrobank account enrolled with Metrobank Direct account (Metrobank Online Account), click this link if you haven’t yet enrolled your Metrobank account with Metrobank Direct.


How to register your MAYNILAD Bills with Metrobank Direct:

1. Go to Metrobank Direct website at

2. Login with your “User ID” and “Password”.

3. From “Deposit Accounts” tab, look for “eBanking Solutions” on left panel then click “Pay Bills”.


4. Click on “REGISTER A NEW BILLER” tab and fill up the boxes.


  • Under “Category”, select Utilities.
  • For “Biller”, select Maynilad Water Services Inc.
  • Subscriber/ Account No.” is your 8-digit Maynilad Account Number.
  • Reference No.” – just leave it blank.
  • Enter your Landline/Mobile number.
  • Hit “Continue” once done.

5. Make sure all details are correct then click “Register New Biller” and you’re done!



How to pay your Meralco Bills with Metrobank Direct:

1. Go to Metrobank Direct website at

2. Login with your “User ID” and “Password”.

3. From “Deposit Accounts” tab, look for “eBanking Solutions” on left panel then click “Pay Bills”.


4. Under “PAY BILLS” tab, select “Maynilad Water Services Inc.” from the list of Service Provider.


  • Special Biller – Ignore this for now.
  • Select Account to Debit – Select the account number you want to debit your Maynilad payment.
  • Enter Amount – Enter the exact amount of your current bill. Please don’t use commas if your bill is more than 999.00.
  • Select Payment Type – You can pay it Immediate or Scheduled.
  • Remarks – You can write anything you want here. (ex. Maynilad payment for January)
  • click Continue when done.

5. Check all informations are correct, click “Confirm” and you’re done!

You’ll be receiving the Transaction Acknowledgement with your Transaction Reference No. and other information from it.

If you have further questions, you can always dial their 24/7 Metrobank Customer Care Desk at (632) 8700-700.


YKN is not affiliated with Metrobank. This is for information purposes only.

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