How to Speed-up your PLDT Internet Browsing


Are you experiencing slow browsing or YouTube buffers a lot with your PLDT Internet?

Recently, I’ve found a solution online on how to speed-up your browsing with your PLDT internet. You don’t need to be a techy person to perform these simple steps and will only take you 30 seconds, that’s right! only 30 seconds and you will have faster browsing experience and less YouTube buffers.

Take note, these steps will not increase your subscribed speed with PLDT, it will only speed-up the loading time of your internet. For example, Facebook will load up faster, YouTube videos will play faster, or less lags when playing mobile games online. This trick is also applicable for Globe, Smart, or Sun WiFi users. read more

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How To Change Globe Fiber WiFi Name and Password


Having trouble changing your Globe Fiber WiFi name and password? In this article, I’ll show you how to change your WiFi name and password by using your cellphone.

By the way, a friend of mine asked help in doing this, so I went to his place and here’s exactly how I did it…

Make sure to follow my guide below and if you have any questions, just leave a comment down below. Also, don’t forget to like the YKN FB page if you find this article helpful.

Here’s the guide on how to change your Globe Fiber WiFi name and password: read more

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How to Avail 20% Discount on Grab a Car PH


Mahilig ka ba mag Grab a car at sawa ka na ba sumakay sa mga pasaway na taxi? Kung ang sagot mo ay OO, you may consider reading this article to avail discounts from grab.

In accordance to LTFRB regulations, you can now avail Special Discounts for Senior Citizens, Students and PWDs! If you’re one of qualified individuals, you can apply for the discounts online and get 20% off on their GrabCar and GrabShare fares.

What are the requirements?

  • Senior Citizens
    Senior Citizen who are 60 years old and above, with valid Senior Citizen ID and 1 Government issue ID may apply for the special Senior Citizen discount to get 20% off their GrabCar and GrabShare rides.
  • PWDs
    Individual with valid PWD ID and and 1 Government issue ID may apply for the PWD discount to get 20% off their GrabCar and GrabShare rides.
  • Students
    If you’re a pre-collegiate or collegiate student (excluding Masters and PHDs) with valid Student ID and current school Registration Form may apply for the Student Discount to get 20% off their GrabCar and GrabShare rides.

Government IDs you can submit (for Senior Citizens and PWDs only): read more

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How to Browse Internet on Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV is arguably the best smart TV you can buy today.  The first company released an Internet into home television. The brand’s Smart TV allows you to access special apps, instantly stream programs, and browse the web with either your remote or your mobile device. It can browse the internet while you watch television. Browsing on Samsung Smart TV is easy, it’s like having a big mobile phone in your living room. Of course, you need to have a WiFi internet to browse in your TV. read more

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How to Pay Bills with PNB Mobile App


Today, you can now pay your bills online with PNB Mobile App thru your cellphone or tablet. It’s another way of doing your transactions without going to your PNB branch. It allows you to do your basic banking transactions such as bill payments, fund transfers and account balance inquiry

If you’re a PNB customer with the following type of accounts below can register in PNB Internet Banking:

  • ATM/Debit Mastercard Savings Accounts
  • Passbook Savings Accounts
  • Checking Accounts
  • Pensioner accounts (SSS/GSIS)
  • Joint/OR Accounts

Note: Before you can use the PNB mobile app, make sure you have already registered your account online. If you haven’t registered yet, you may follow this link on how to register in PNB Internet Banking. read more

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How to Register in PNB Internet Banking


The Philippine National Bank or PNB internet banking has been launched for quite some time now.  If you have a PNB ATM card and you wanted to check your balance online,  visit their website now and register in PNB Internet Banking.

In 1980, billionaire business man Lucio Tan acquired PNB from the government and became country’s first universal bank. On February 9, 2013 PNB and Allied Bank merged and became the fifth largest bank in the Philippines.

Other benefits of PNB Internet Banking are funds transfer, bills payment, schedule payments, order checkbook and view your statement of account online. read more

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How to Change SUN Pocket WIFI Name and Password


SUN Pocket WIFI is very popular when it comes to ‘on the go’ internet access for your mobile devices. With it’s cheap and fast internet access, you can’t be wrong for choosing this awesome device as it shares the same technology with SMART and PLDT.

If you’re a SUN pocket wifi subscriber and you are having issue changing the WiFi name and password of your device, this article might be for you. Make sure to follow my step-by-step procedure accordingly. I have included on how to upgrade your sun broadband signal as well in this article. If you have questions, just leave a comment down below. Also, don’t forget to like this page when you find this article helpful. read more

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How to Register with LTO Online Appointment System


The Land Transportation Office (LTO) just entered the digital age by launching it’s LTO Online Appointment System. Just a couple days after they’ve announced the production of the aged vehicle number plates again.

By visiting the LTO Online Web Portal, you can now book an appointment with selected LTO District Office for for both driver’s license and vehicle registration renewal. Also, you can check the status of your driver’s license online if it’s ready for pick up.

In this article, let me guide you how to book an appointment with LTO Online Appointment System. Make sure to provide your information accurately and confirm your appointment within 3 days from the creation of appointment schedule. If you miss your schedule, your appointment will be cancelled. read more

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