MMDA: Beware of Fake Traffic Enforcers


Have you ever been caught in a traffic violation and confiscated your license? Are you sure that the one who caught you is legit MMDA traffic officer?

Today, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has released a statement and warned the public against these shameless persons posing as legitimate MMDA traffic enforcers to extort money following the complaint of a victimized motorist recently. Many issues have been reported such incidents so our MMDA traffic officers just reminding us to be careful and be vigilant at all times.


Jojo Garcia, Acting MMDA General Manager, said a bogus traffic enforcer issued fake traffic violation to a motorist he apprehended for reckless driving violation along Edsa. The motorist, a resident of Mandaluyong City, was supposed to redeem yesterday the driver’s license confiscated from him by the supposed on-duty traffic enforcer. However, he was shocked upon learning that the issued traffic violation ticket was fake. “Wala sa opisina namin ang lisensya ng nahuling motorista. Ang nang-huling traffic office ay peke at hindi nagtratrabaho sa amin,” said Garcia. In his complaint, the motorist claimed he did not doubt since the traffic enforcer was wearing the agency’s uniform. MMDA Chairman Danilo Lim has already ordered his men to investigate on the matter, Garcia said. 

If you want to be sure if you’re dealing with legit officers, Garcia urged motorists to ask for the traffic enforcer’s mission order, a document indicating official functions, place of assignment and time of duty. “Responsibilidad ng mga traffic enforcer na dalhin ang mission order sa lahat ng oras. Kapag ang traffic officer ay walang mapakitang mission order, hindi sya pwedeng manghuli,” said Garcia.

In the meantime, Garcia reminded “hindi rin pwede kunin ng isang traffic enforcer ang lisensya ng motorista kung ito’y involve sa isang banggaan (road crash)”. He also urged the public to report doubtful traffic enforcers who may taint the image of the agency. “May karapatan ang mga motorist na humingi ng mission order na pirmado ng kanila traffic sector heads,” he stressed. Since Lim assumed office, Garcia said the agency had dismissed a number of traffic enforcers involved in illegal and corrupt practices.

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