Long Bond Paper Size in the Philippines

How long exactly is a long bond paper size?

Sometimes, when we’re buying a bond paper at the bookstore or grocery store, we’re presented with various papers in various sizes, and we aren’t sure what size are we exactly looking for.

Or, maybe you were asked by your boss to print a document in a long bond paper size, and there were various size options in the drop down when you were about to print. Which one should you pick?

It’s a simple problem, isn’t it? But we need the answer. So here it is…

The size of a long bond paper actually depends on where you’re printing it from.

In the Philippines, the standard or legal size of long bond paper is 8.5″ (inches) x 13″ (inches).

  • 8.5 inches is the width
  • 13 inches is the height

Here’s a layout (photo) of a long bond paper:

how-to-change-long-bond-paper-in-microsoft word


If you want to use the long bond paper size in Microsoft Word, just go to Layout>More Paper Sizes>Paper> Paper size, then change to width 8.5″ and height 13″.



Don’t be confused with the American legal-size bond paper which is 8.5″ x 14″. Make sure to buy a legal size long bond paper only and be careful with setting-up the size of the bond paper especially when printing documents that occupy long-size bond paper.

Here’s a sample brand of a long bond paper in the Philippines:


This pack contains 500 sheets of long bond paper. As you can see, the size which is 8½” x 13″ is indicated. This is the official bond paper size in the Philippines.

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