Latest Number Coding Scheme in Metro Manila

What is Number Coding? Number Coding Scheme is a traffic law which aims to decongest major roads by banning private and public utility vehicles from entering the roads on weekdays. The scheme has been implemented since 1995 and had been revised many times. In this article, you will know the new scheme and get smart by avoiding major roads that are in Number Coding Scheme. Secondary streets and minor lanes may allow you to drive your “coded” car depending on the city you’re in.

The new Number Coding scheme is still the same were the last plate number ends at 1-2 Monday, 3-4 Tuesday, 5-6 Wednesday, 7-8 Thursday and 9-0 Friday are now barred from using roads in Metro Manila from 7AM to 8PM, also there are no “window hours” on these major roads:


Circumferential roads (C1 to C6):

  • C-1 C.M. Recto Avenue from Roxas Blvd to Legarda
  • C-2 A.H. Lacson/Quirino Avenue from Roxas Blvd to R-10
  • C-3 G. Araneta Avenue/Sgt. Rivera from N. Domingo to R-10
  • C-4 EDSA from R-10 to Macapagal Blvd
  • C-5 Commonwealth Ave to South Super Highway
  • C-6

Radial Roads (R1 to R10):

  • R-1 Roxas Boulevard from CM Recto to MIA Road
  • R-2 Taft Avenue from Lawton to Redemptorist
  • R-3 South Superhighway from Quirino to Nichols Interchange
  • R-4 Shaw Boulevard from R. Magsaysay Blvd to Pasig Blvd
  • R-5 Ortigas Avenue from Santolan to Imelda Avenue
  • R-6 Aurora Boulevard / R Magsaysay Boulevard – R. Magsaysay / Legarda to C-5 Katipunan
  • R-7 Espana/Quezon Avenue/Commonwealth Avenue
  • R-8 A. Bonifacio Avenue from Blumentritt to EDSA Balintawak
  • R-9 Rizal Avenue from Carriedo to Monumento
  • R-10 Northern Coastal from Recto to C-4

Major highways:

  • A. Mabini Street from Samson Road to C-3
  • Alabang-Zapote Road from Alabang to Real Street/Quirino Avenue
  • Marcos Highway from Katipunan Ave to Sumulong Highway
  • McArthur Highway from Monumento to Valenzuela/Meycauayan Boundary

Take note, Pasig city has window hour from 9AM to 4PM but not on C-5. The city has their own Odd-Even scheme that’s strictly administered from 6AM to 10PM Monday to Saturday. Means license plates ending in 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 are prohibited to enter San Guillermo Avenue/Buting eastbound, Elisco Road/Nascor westbound, Elisco Road/M. Concepcion St./R. Jabson St. Intersection, San Lorenzo, Greenwoods/Sandoval Avenue northbound and southbound, and F. Legaspi Bridge westbound on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Plate numbers ending in 0, 2, 4, 6 and 8 are barred to use the preceding streets on M-W-F.

Motorcycles, fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, military vehicles, government vehicles, diplomatic vehicles, vehicles carrying a person in need of emergency medical aid, MMDA accredited tow trucks, vehicles annexed by agents of the government for military relief or emergency purposes, and vehicles carrying relief goods to identified calamity areas are excepted in Number Coding Scheme. 


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