Globe Surf Promos for Prepaid Subscribers

Are you a Globe prepaid subscriber?

Whether you’re fond of playing online games or you’re a commuter who’s always stuck in heavy traffic and you’ve got nothing to do but browse your Facebook news feeds or watch videos on YouTube, you should definitely maximize your Globe prepaid load. 

There are a lot of Globe Surf Promos that you can take advantage of. 

Don’t waste your regular prepaid load. Know the current Globe Surf Promos and choose the one the fits your needs.

With these promos, you can enjoy surfing and browsing your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts. You can also play your favorite online games anytime and anywhere as long as you have an active subscription to the Globe Surf Promos.


It’s very easy to register with Globe surf promos. Just type your chosen promo code and send to 8080. You will then receive a text message from Globe upon successful registration. 

Mobile Internet

GOSURF10 40MB 1 day ₱10 8080
GOSURF15 140MB + 30MB Mobile Legends 2 day ₱15 8080
GOSURF50 1GB + 30MB for app of choice 3 day ₱50 8080
GOSURF299 1.5GB + 1GB for app of choice 30 days ₱299 8080
GOSURF599 4GB + 1GB  for app of choice 30 days ₱599 8080
GOSURF999 8GB + 1GB  for app of choice 30 days ₱999 8080
SUPERSURF50 Unlimited Mobile Internet 1 days ₱50 8080
SUPERSURF120 Unlimited Mobile Internet 3 day ₱120 8080
SUPERSURF200 Unlimited Mobile Internet 5 days ₱200 8080
SUPERSURF250 Unlimited Mobile Internet 7 days ₱250 8080
SUPERSURF999 Unlimited Mobile Internet 30 days ₱999 8080


To avoid any delay or inappropriate deduction from your regular load, make sure you type the correct promo code and send it to the correct number. Always double check your entry/message before sending it. Better be safe than sorry. 

My favorite among these Globe Surf Promos is the SUPERSURF999 which allows me to surf the internet using my mobile device unlimited for 30 days for a very affordable rate. I just need to load ₱999 and I can enjoy all of these features. 

If you don’t know what to choose, again, just know what you need. Know what you want to do on your mobile device. And decide what you want to register for with your available funds. 

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