Converge FiberX Internet VS. PLDT, Globe and Sky Broadband

In the past, DSL, Wireless Broadband, Pocket WiFi or Cable Internet was the only option for subscribing an internet plan. Today, another internet technology was introduced in the Philippines, which is the Fiber optic connection. This Fiber optic connection is an internet access through fiber-optic lines. Unlike DSL and cable internet services that transmit internet signal through copper lines, while fiber-optic lines use micro strands of plastic and glass to carry signals through light transmission. This method of data transmission makes fiber optic internet the fastest internet in the market.

Fiber optic internet is one of the growing popularity in Philippines. Among these Fiber internet service providers in the Philippines are, Globe, PLDT, Sky Broadband and the newest player in the country, the Converge ICT. However, availability of fiber internet connections are limited to several areas only. In this article, we’ll compare Converge ICT FiberX Plan to other Fiber internet service providers including Globe, PLDT, and Sky Broadband based to their maximum speed, price rate and data allowance.

Fiber Internet Service Providers in the Philippines:

Converge ICT FiberX Plans (Unlimited)

FiberX 1500   25 MBPS   Unlimited  ₱1,500
FiberX 2500   50 MBPS   Unlimited  ₱2,500
FiberX 3500   100 MBPS   Unlimited  ₱3,500
FiberXtreme 4500   300 MBPS   Unlimited  ₱4,500
FiberXtreme 7000   500 MBPS   Unlimited  ₱7,000
  • Installation Fee of ₱2,500 (1-2 days installation response rate).
  • 30% Minimum Speed at 80% service reliability.
  • Lock-in period 24 Months equivalent to 2 Years.

Globe Broadband Fiber Plans

Plan 1299 Go Big   5 MBPS   400GB  ₱1,299
Plan 1299 Go Fast   10 MBPS   100GB  ₱1,299
Plan 1599 Go Big   10 MBPS   500GB  ₱1,599
Plan 1599 Go Fast   20 MBPS   150GB  ₱1,599
Plan 1899 Go Big   50 MBPS   600GB  ₱1,899
Plan 2499   100 MBPS   1TB  ₱2,499
Plan 4499   200 MBPS   1.5TB  ₱4,499
Plan 6999   500 MBPS   3TB  ₱6,999
Plan 9499   1 GBPS   6TB  ₱9,499
  • Installation fees may apply.
  • Service/plan availability and actual speed may vary upon assessment.

PLDT Home Fibr Plans

Plan 1299   3 MBPS   Unlimited  ₱1,299
Plan 1699   5 MBPS   Unlimited  ₱1,699
Plan 1699   15 MBPS   150GB  ₱1,699
Plan 1899   20 MBPS   Unlimited  ₱1,899
Plan 1899   50 MBPS   300GB  ₱1,899
Plan 2899   100 MBPS   Unlimited  ₱2,899
Plan 3499   100 MBPS   Unlimited  ₱3,499
Plan 5999   200 MBPS   Unlimited  ₱5,999
Plan 19999   1 GBPS   Unlimited  ₱19,999
  • Modem and installation fee applies depending on selected Plan.
  • The speed is doubled for the first 6 months only; speed reverts to 50 Mbps starting on the 7th month. This promo is available to new Home Fibr subscribers only.

Sky Broadband Fiber Plans (One Sky – Fiber-powered broadband with HD Cable TV)

Plan 1599   8 MBPS   Unlimited  ₱1,599
Plan 1999   16 MBPS   Unlimited  ₱1,999
Plan 2999   32 MBPS   Unlimited  ₱2,999
Plan 3999   64 MBPS   Unlimited  ₱3,999
  • One SKY Premium plans come with a FREE SKY On Demand box in Metro Manila. New subscribers in Cavite, Laguna, Bacolod, Baguio, Cebu, Davao, Dumaguete, GenSan and Iloilo will get a FREE HD box.
  • Plan availability varies per area.
  • Fiber-to-the-home plans available in selected areas in Metro Manila. Initial cash-out will consist of ₱2,500 installation fee and one-month advance MSF.
  • Speeds indicated above are download speeds.
  • Minimum speed is 256Kbps, 80% of the time.


If you want to have the cheapest internet with unlimited data and fast internet speed, go for Converge ICT FiberX 1500 plan. To know if Fiber is available in your area, you may contact the following Internet Service Providers below: 

Converge ICT FiberX Inquiry
Globe Hotlines
  • 211 (Mobile)
  • (02)730-1010 (Landline)
PLDT Landline
  • 171
  • (02)888-8171 (For NON PLDT Landlines)

Sky Broadband Email


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