Guide: How to Access PLDT HOME WIFI Router

Why do you need an access with your PLDT HOME WIFI router admin page?

What are the benefits to have full access with your PLDT HOME WIFI router?

There are lot of things you can do on your router’s admin page. Having a full access with your PLDT WIFI router, you can do many things like the following:

  • Check router’s internet status and network activities.
  • Changing your SSID (WIFI name) and WIFI password.
  • Bandwidth control for each connected devices.
  • Device access restrictions.
  • Control children’s time spent online (Parent Control).
  • Route an IP address and port number to network requests to specific devices (Port forwarding).

How to access the admin page:

For PLDT myDSL, Fibr, and Home Bro Routers, you can access the admin page by typing the default router IP ( from any internet browser in your device. Enter the admin’s Username and password for your router. read more

Guide: How to Hard Reset PLDT WIFI Router

Many people have been asking how to hard reset PLDT wifi router, but what does it actually mean?
It’s a process of restoring the router’s software to its original state by deleting all of the data stored on the device in an attempt to restore the device’s software to its original factory settings.

When do you need to hard reset your PLDT wifi router?
You should only do the factory reset of your modem for two reasons below:

  • You forgot the administrator’s password
  • You can’t remember your PLDT wifi password

Note: Performing the hard reset will totally erase all the settings of your PLDT wifi router, and your WIFI devices might lose access with the router. Use the default WIFI password located at the bottom of your router to re-establish your WIFI connection. You can also use a PC and an Ethernet cable to gain access with the router via wired connection. read more

How to Buy Apps from Google Play with Globe Load

Android users can now purchase apps from the Google Play Store and make in-app purchases using your Globe load (Credit card not required).

Are you excited to buy your very first app? Today, Globe has launched Direct Carrier Billing wherein anything you purchase through Google Play Store can now be deducted directly from your prepaid load or postpaid balance.

Yes, you heard it right! purchasing an app through Google Play Store is easy.

Just follow my steps below on how to register your number, set a password and you’re done! read more

How to Buy Apps from the App Store with Globe GCash

Globe users can now purchase apps from the App Store without the need of a credit card or PayPal account!

Globe has launched GCash Amex (American Express® Virtual Pay) for Globe subscribers, it’s a virtual credit card that linked to your GCash Wallet. GCash AmEx can buy apps or unlock content with in-app purchases.

Purchases made using GCash AmEx Virtual Pay will be automatically charged to your GCash Wallet and you can easily top-up your balance or transfer funds through any Globe Load Distributors or Mobile Phone Banking. read more

How to Buy an App from the App Store with Smart Load

Are you wondering how you can buy an app from App Store without a credit card?

Well, you heard it right!

All iPhone users who subscribe to Smart Communications can now purchase app on the App Store without a credit card.

Pay-With-Mobile allows Smart subscribers to buy apps from App Store using their Smart prepaid load or be charged to their monthly postpaid bills.

Smart Philippines owned by Manny Pangilinan has finally launched the service as not everyone in the country having credit cards like me.

The new service gives Smart subscribers the opportunity to experience this new features and enjoy the way they use their iPhones and other Apple products. read more

How to Buy an App from Google Play with Smart Load

Don’t have a credit card to buy an app from Google Play store?

Are you a Smart subscriber?

Worry no more because you can now pay your apps on the Google Play Store using your Smart load!

Smart Communications, which is one of the biggest communication network companies in the Philippines, has now enabled Direct Carrier Billing for all prepaid and postpaid subscribers in the Philippines.

When purchasing an app from Google Play Store, the price will be automatically deducted from your prepaid load balance or charged directly to your postpaid bill. read more

8 Easy Tips to Speed Up your iPhone or iOS Device (No Tech Background Needed)

Many of my friends, colleagues and members of my family ask me how to speed up their slow iPhone.

Having been an IT for more than a decade now, madalas din ako maka encounter ng mga ganitong issue sa mga client ko.

And that’s the reason why I’ve decided to share my knowledge about this at sana makatulong ang post na to.

Mapapansin mong mabagal na ang phone lalo na pag puno na ang storage, even if it’s a newer model. Or kung yung iPhone medyo sluggish na performance after the IOS update ng device mo. read more