How to Enroll and Activate your BDO Online Banking Account

If you have an existing BDO Savings Account, the next thing that you should consider is to enroll in BDO Online Banking.


Because it’s simply easy and fast to do!

Once you’re enrolled in BDO Online Banking, you can do most of your banking transactions online.

Now that’s convenience for you.

You can check your balance online, you can transfer funds to your family and friends online, and you can even load your cellphone online!

You read it right! All of these are possible with BDO Online Banking.


Some of you might say,

“I don’t know how it works, I’m not computer savvy.”

“I don’t want to enroll in BDO Onine Banking because my friend said that it’s risky. Somebody might steal my money online.”

Or maybe you’re interested to do this, but you’re just not confident about it and you hope someone will teach you all about BDO Online Banking.


Lucky you ‘coz today, I’m going to teach exactly how it’s done. So please allow me to guide you through the entire process.



How to Register in BDO Online Banking

  1. Open your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Google Chrome, or Safari), then type
  2. Click BDO Online Banking
  3. Click the “Enroll Now!” button as shown below
  4. Read BDO Online Banking “Terms and Conditions”, click the box if you agree to it, and finally hit the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.
  5. Fill out the Online Banking Enrollment form with all the required info.
  • Account Type – Choose if it’s a deposit account or credit card
  • Address – Choose if you’re within or outside the Philippines
  • Channel for Enrollment – Choose Online Banking, Phone Banking, or SMS Banking. I suggest you click all the boxes so you’re enroll in all platforms.
  • Nominate your Online banking information including the username and password that you’re going to use each time you login to your BDO Online banking account. Make sure also to enter your current and active mobile number because that’s where the OTP or one-time password will be sent to for verification. Please also include your email address for you get updates or notifications for your BDO Online banking transactions
  • Nominate your phone and SMS banking info
  • Nominate your challenge questions and make sure to choose the ones which you can answer correctly in in the event that you can’t receive the OTP through your mobile number. You can click the challenge question and give the correct answer to proceed to your BDO online banking transaction.

That’s also what I do sometimes when I’m lazy to pick up my phone. I just click the challenge question.


  • Validate your enrolment by entering the code that’s shown on the screen, bottom part.
  • BDO Online banking also wants to hear our feedback, so just choose from the dropdown options on how you learned about BDO Online banking.
  • Check all the info that you’ve entered in the form, and then click SUBMIT.


The next page will show you the details of your enrolment with BDO Online banking together with the code. You will use this code when you go to the ATM machine to activate your BDO Online banking.


How to activate your BDO Online Banking Enrollment

Once you’re done with the enrollment form online, the BDO Quick Acknowledgment Page will show up with the activation code and instructions on how to activate the account that you have enrolled.

Follow the simple steps below:

  1. Go to your nearest BDO ATM machine to activate the account.
  2. Insert your ATM Card
  3. Go to “Other Services”, “Activate Electronic Banking”, and then enter the Activation Code.


Note: You need to activate the account within 45 days or else you will have to enroll the account again.

If you need to contact BDO Hotline for any of your BDO Online banking concerns, you may contact them at 631-8000 or email them at  or visit their webpage HERE.


That’s it neighbors!

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions about BDO Online Banking, feel free to post your comments down below. Talk to you soon!

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