How to Apply for PCSO Medical Assistance Program

No matter how healthy you are, there will come a time that you will get sick and would require medical assistance. And if that time comes and you are financially challenged to support your medical management, you can ask assistance from the government via PCSO.

Sadly, PCSO will not be able to shoulder the full costs of the medical management of procedure because they also need to cater to the thousands of Filipinos who are also seeking financial medical assistance from them.

Keep in mind that PCSO will evaluate your requirements and will only augment your medical expenses based on your condition such as where you are confined ie. Public hospital, private hospital, etc. read more

Jinju White Soap Review – April 2018

After six months of using Jinju White Soap, I can finally and confidently give you guys my thoughts about it. I have discovered the soap through my sister as she mentions that it’s is currently going viral. So I decided to purchase the soap over Lazada. I ordered it through one of the authorized re-seller in Lazada and back then it cost me 180 Php. I ordered one and I received it within 5 days (I love Lazada). I also checked Mercury drugs and Watson’s and I believe it is not available through them. read more