How To Apply For PhilHealth Online

Did you know that you can now apply for PhilHealth online?

Have you or your love one’s ever experienced a medical emergency before and you know how expensive the hospital bills are. Most of us has health insurance to reduce the large medical costs and ongoing hospital bills. Yes, there are many private health insurance plans that you can choose from but not everyone can afford because of the high membership fees.

This is where PhilHealth comes in, a healthcare program established by Philippine government for all Filipinos that need medical financial assistance. Let me share with you what PhilHealth is, and how to register for PhilHealth online.

Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) is a government health insurance program mandated for all Filipinos that needs medical financial assistance whether employed, self-employed, working abroad, or retired.

Qualified beneficiaries and dependents can enjoy PhilHealth’s affordable and quality healthcare services.

PhilHealth gives discount to all medical expenses for inpatient care, outpatient care, and fixed financial assistance for some medical and surgical cases.

Today, you have the option now for registering your PhilHealth online through their official website, making the process convenient not like in the past.


How to apply for PhilHealth online:

  1. Go to and click on the Online Services tab.philhealth-online
  2. Under the Membership row, click “Register” button under Electronic Registration.philhealth-online
  3. On the next window, click “Proceed” button to continue.Philhealth-online
  4. Under Terms and Conditions window, tick the checkbox then click “Accept” button.philhealth-online
  5. You will need to fill out the application form and make sure to provide complete and accurate information.


       Note: For single, list down your parents as your dependents. If married, put your spouse and children as your dependents.

6.  Upload your supporting documents (optinonal), you can use any scan government valid ID, also your dependents’ birth certificates to validate their age.


7.  Enter the “Captcha” number to verify that you are not a robot, make sure to review the numbers you have entered before ticking the checkbox, then submit your registration. You’re done!

You will be receiving an email from your registered email address upon successful registration. Please check your email for the next stage of the application process.

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