8 Easy Tips to Speed Up your iPhone or iOS Device (No Tech Background Needed)

Many of my friends, colleagues and members of my family ask me how to speed up their slow iPhone.

Having been an IT for more than a decade now, madalas din ako maka encounter ng mga ganitong issue sa mga client ko.

And that’s the reason why I’ve decided to share my knowledge about this at sana makatulong ang post na to.

Mapapansin mong mabagal na ang phone lalo na pag puno na ang storage, even if it’s a newer model. Or kung yung iPhone medyo sluggish na performance after the IOS update ng device mo.

All computing devices are prone to slowing down over time, lalo na pag dumadami ang laman at apps na naka install, but the way iPhones use their memory makes them less prone to this than most. Pag medyo unresponsive na and the apps take time to open or it’s not as fast as it used to be, baka kailangan lang i tweak ng konti para bumilis ulit tulad ng dati. Sa article na to pwede nyo i-try mga tips ko which are based from my experience.


1. iOS update

Assuming your iPhone supports the latest version, updating should speed things up, madalas bumibilis ang device sa mga new update ni Apple.

Sa new device mas okay i-update sa new version, but for the old iPhone, madalas bumabagal ang phone kasi mas resource huger ang mga new update.

Mas okay kung mag-stick na lang muna kayo sa old version ng iOS nyo.

For newer devices, check whether your iPhone is up to date by going to Settings > General > Software update. If you’re not sure how to update it, you can visit apple.com for further instructions.

2. Shut down all open applications in task manager

Let’s start with an easy solution: closing down all non-essential apps.

This solution works in all cases. Madalas kasi pinapabayaan lang natin ang apps natin na nakabukas.  As a good practice, dapat i-close natin lahat ng di natin ginagamit.

Double-click or tap lang ang Home button para pumunta sa task window then swipe upwards to close them. You can swipe to close three apps with up to three fingers to speed up the process a little bit.

Sa mga tamad, walang way i-close sabay sabay ang mga apps. Ang alam ko Android devices lang meron nun.

This may not have been recommended by recent research and comments from Apple itself, pero in my experience, malaking bagay ito to speed up my iPhone.

Note: Closing down your unused apps will make the battery charge last longer.

3. Restart your iPhone

Ito ang pinaka basic troubleshooting step sa lahat ng electronic device, old school but very effective. Press and hold the Sleep button until the Power Off slider appears. Swipe it and wait for the iPhone to power down.

Mag hintay lang ng mga 30 seconds bago buksan ulit ang phone, as practice, mas ok kung gagawin to once a week.

Restarting your phone can also fix unruly apps and clears out phone memory.

4. Delete apps

If you’re running out of space on your iPhone this could account for the sluggishness. Ang pinaka mabilis na paraan ay magbura ng mga di ginagamit na app sa phone.

Pwede nyo malaman kung anong apps ang kumakain ng malaking space nyo. Punta lang kayo sa Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage then tap ‘Manage Storage’ under Storage.

Makikita nyo na yung listahan ng mga app nyo dito. Pwede na kayo mag delete ng app dito by tapping the app name, and choosing Delete App on the next screen.


Dapat meron kayong at least 1 GB of free space sa phone nyo.

You can also delete apps from your Home Screen by holding the app until it jumps, then tap on the X symbol that appears in the corner to delete the app.

Note: You should also try emptying Safari’s data, cookies to free up some memory space.

Pumunta lang kayo sa Settings app and scroll down to Safari. Tapos piliin nyo ‘Clear History and Website Data‘.

Mag delete din ng mga music, pictures, text messages at emails to free up more spaces or i-transfer nyo sa computer nyo.

5. Kill automatic background processes

Turning off automated features will help keep your phone run faster.

Madalas to naka off sa phone ko kasi madalas ako nag gagames. Malaking tulong ito para tumagal ang battery nyo.

Start by turning off Automatic Downloads. Pumunta lang sa Settings > iTunes & App Store > and turn all the Automatic Downloads off.

Then, turn off Background App Refresh.

Pumunta ulit sa Settings > General > Background App Refresh and turn Background App Refresh off.

Mapapansin nyo kagad na bibilis ang phone pagkatapos nyo ito i-off.

Sa phone ko lagi lang din to naka off at nakakatagal din ng battery life.

6. Turn down the graphics

Pwede din natin bawasan yung mga visual effects, dialing them down can help to improve performance.

Start by turning off Motion. Tap on Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and set Reduce Motion to On.

This turns off the parallax effect of icons and alerts. For me, mas madaling gamitin yung phone pag naka off ito.

Then, reduce natin yung mga see-through background effects which can also slow things down on an older iPhone.

Pumunta lang sa Settings > General > Accessibility > Increase Contrast and set Reduce Transparency to On.

7. Reset your iPhone

This is a more drastic step than restarting the iPhone. For me, last resort ko lang to pag madami ng problema ang phone ko. Matagal nga lang ang mag full reset pero it’s a more effective way of solving problems with the way an iPhone is running.

I-hold lang Home at Sleep buttons at the same time. Keep holding them while the screen goes black, bitawan lang mga buttons pag lumabas na yung apple logo.

8. Restore to factory settings

The most drastic step of all. Again, last resort lang mo lang to dahil performing a full restore will delete all the data on the iPhone and returns it sa state na bagong bili pa yung phone mo, yun nga lang may wear and tear na ang mga components.

Mas ok kung gumawa muna ng backup sa iTunes or iCloud bago mag full restore.

Pag tapos ka na mag-backup, you can restore the iPhone to its factory settings by going to Settings, General, Reset, Erase All Content and Settings. Kailangan mo i-enter yung passcode mo kung meron, and then confirm that you want to delete all media and data, and reset all settings.

After a few minutes of restoring, makikita mo na yung welcome screen para i-setup mo ulit yung iphone mo.

Disclaimer: These tips are based on my experience and I’ve done all of these on my personal and other people’s iPhone and iOS devices. If you’re having the same issue and you think my tips are applicable, use it at your own risk. Should you have any questions regarding these tips, please feel free to post it at the comment section below or contact me here.

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